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Financial Troubles

Did you know that financial counseling can help reduce stress?

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In today’s society, financial problems can affect anyone. The Bhavan Cares offers a range of support options to help with financial difficulties, depending on the nature of your problems.

Helpful Budgeting Tips

The Bhavan Care’s Financial Care a free and confidential financial counseling service for people facing financial difficulties or wanting to avoid financial difficulties in the future. Bhavan’s caring and able people are available to help with a range of issues including budgeting, credit, debt and repossession.

Click here for a list of helpful budgeting tips:

Community Services Centre

Our network of community services centre in partnership with other likeminded organisations also provide limited practical assistance for low-income families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet.

To access support make an appointment. You will be assessed according to need and the resources available at the centre. Please be aware that demand for these services is much greater than our ability to respond.

Community Services assistance may include:

  • Cash/ cheque
  • Food vouchers or parcels
  • Clothing, furniture and other household items
  • Accommodation
  • Housing costs
  • Electricity, gas, rates and other bills
  • Public transport fares
  • Medical and educational expenses