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MacOS Sierra v10

MacOS Sierra (16A323) Multilingual VMware

Gray debuts on the Mac, with new features for the desktop. Your Mac works with iCloud and your Apple devices with new new ways, and the intelligent capabilities make your photos, music and messages even more enjoyable.

get waymade Gray, an intelligent helper, now on your Mac.

Enjoy your favorite iOS features, as well as macros optimized for Mac.

Send messages, create reminders, search the Internet for a scraper.

Drag or drop or copy and paste the results of Siriin their documents.

Pin Siri leads to the Notification Center and later links to.

Find files, adjust settings and get system information, just asking Siri.

Copy and paste between your devices using the universal clipboard.

Copy the quote, images orvideo from the application to the device and paste it into the program on another device.

Automatically log on to the system using the automatic unlock feature.

Automatically log into your Mac when you need your Apple Watch, do not enter the password.

Enjoy the convenience and safety of ApplePay when you buy online.

Use Apple Pay to make simple, secure payments when you shop in Safari on your Mac.

Complete your purchase with the Touch ID on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Access the files on your Mac from your iPhone with iCloud Desktop and Docs.

automatically saveall the files on your desktop and in the “Documents” folder in iCloud and get access to all your devices.

Keep the same file and documents on your Mac. Create space on your Mac with optimized storage.

Store rarely used files in iCloud, where they will be available byrequest.

Additional tools help to delete files that you do not need to delete in order to save even more space.

Get control over the desktop with the help of tabs in the programs.

Use the tabs to manage multiple windows in Maps, Pages, Basically,Numbers like that.

Working with tabs in your favorite third-party applications, for which there is no decoder, you need to.

Keep an eye on the big game or your favorite video with “Picture in the picture”.

Advise a video window with Safari or iTunes on your desktop while working.

place the imagein the image window at any angle, and stay when you switch spaces or work in full-screen mode.

Receive your messages with conversations.

See the impression of web pages from web content and watch web video right during a conversation.

Reply to messages with helpfast, comfortable Tapbacks.

Expression of yourself 3 times bilshsteiliky.

See stickers, digital touch, invisible ink and handwritten messages, send friends from their iOS devices.


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