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Fate Stay Night Subtitled 2017

The boy wants to protect the girl. That’s his mind. Ten years after the Wara Saint Grail war organized by Masters and Servants on the supply chain, the Grailanother Holy War runs in Fuyuki Town. Shirou Emiyathe sent a son Kiritsugu Emiya, a member of Warresolves Holy Grail to fight, making Kiritsugus dead his love. It’s the little girl on the side of Shirous who loves Sakura Matou. Every morning, he goes to Shirous’s house for breakfast and dinner for him, bringinga good life in the life of boys around the world. But once the Grail Holy War began, it could change in the air in Fuyuki Town. Most of the criminals are in town, and the sky is growing. Shirou decides to finish Sakura’s house at home. With Saber, the Guardian summoned them, Shirou joins the magic of Rin Tohsaka and shares in the Holy War Grail starting running as a secret operation by invisible forces.

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